Magento Commerce Cloud For Developers

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Location: Austin

September 9 - 11, 2019

Presenter Languages : English

Course requires a minimum of 7 Students register by September 6, 2019

Wagento has Magento U Authorized Trainers in Northwest India and Latin America


In Person (3 days):

Timing: 9 AM to 5.00 PM CDT




Magento 2 developers working on Magento Commerce (Cloud)
Technical staff responsible for deploying and testing Magento projects on Magento Commerce (Cloud)


Knowledge of Git and Git repositories.
Knowledge of Composer.
Recommended: Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist and Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer certification credential or equal experience.
Recommended: Attend Magento 2 Development Essentials course or have equivalent experience.


The main goal of this course is to prepare you for developing with or for supporting your developer team working with the Magento 2 Cloud offering. Magento Commerce (Cloud) development best practices are introduced and examined, with specific focus on troubleshooting and integrations. You will gain the practical knowledge and skills required to deploy, test, troubleshoot, and operate in the Magento 2 Cloud environment, including how to leverage Cloud platform features to enhance your project operations and performance.

This course is based on Magento Commerce 2.2.

Learning Objectives

After this course, the student will be able to:
  • Install all required and recommended tools and services for working with Magento Commerce (Cloud)
  • Deploy Magento Commerce (Cloud) and go live
  • Troubleshoot issues on the Cloud environment
  • Debug and profile on Cloud


    • Introduction
      • Cloud overview
      • Cloud Admin UI overview
      • Installing a blank site from a template
      • User management
      • Onboarding UI
    • Plans and Environments
      • Magento Commerce (Cloud) plans
      • Environment types
    • Local Environment
      • Setting up local development
      • Working with Composer
      • Working with Git
      • Magento-cloud CLI tool
      • Connecting Github / Bitbucket
    • Cloud Project
      • Project structure
      • Overview of .magento/routes.yaml
      • Overview of .magento/services.yaml
      • Overview of
      • Overview of .magento.env.yaml
    • Service Configuration
      • Service Configuration
      • Slave Connections
    • Deployment Process
      • Understanding all processes during deployment
      • Magento Cloud scripts run on every deployment phase
      • Magento Cloud scripts configurations
    • Static Content Deployment
      • Move SCD to build phase
      • Avoid SCD on both phases 
      • Generate static content on demand
  • Development
    • Introduction to Magento deployment features (shared file)
    • Changing Configurations
    • Changing a locale
    • Adding extensions (limitations, read-only FS, etc.)
    • Enabling/disabling a module
    • Multisite
    • Understanding the deployment process (development > staging > production)
  • Integrations
    • Fastly
    • New Relic
    • Blackfire
    • Sendgrid
  • TroubleShooting
    • Troubleshooting overview
    • Snapshots and backups
    • Debugging (xdebug)
    • Fixes in patches
    • Branch synchronization
    • SSH tunnels
    • Support portal
  • Migration to Cloud
    • Magento On-Premise installation migration
    • Magento 1 Migration
  • Go Live
    • DNS
    • TLS Certificates
    • Fastly
  • Maintaining a Magento Cloud Project
    • Upgrading to a new Version
    • Upsize

This Magento U course is delivered by an authorized Magento Trainer using Magento educational materials. After registering a Wagento representative will contact you.

Joe Shelton

Joe is  Certified Magento Cloud Professional Developer and an authorized Magento U Trainer. He has been working with Magento since version 1.0. He has become a key player in all Magento Cloud implementations for Wagento. A focus on international and multistore projects enshures the borderless nature of the internet is fully utilized.

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